What is WooCommerce? A Comprehensive Overview

What is WooCommerce? A Comprehensive Overview

What is Woo Commerce?

Woo Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed for WordPress. It was created in September of 2011. Now having worked with hundreds if not more, of e-commerce clients um it’s been a while since I’ve been this impressed with the e-commerce platform I’m going to explain to you the benefit of Woo Commerce and what it means to you for as a business owner as well as answer the common questions that our clients have had for us. So there are three primary benefits that I want to touch base on Woo Commerce.

  1. The first is that it’s very easy to use both for your customers and yourself.
  2. Second is it’s easier to develop on than many of the other e-commerce platforms out there.
  3. The third one is, there is tons of support as far as e-commerce logistics for Woo Commerce.

One of the awesome things about Woo Commerce is the fact that it’s very easy to use both for your customers and for you on the front. And with your customers the checkout process and my account section all that’s very intuitive. And what I like most about it is with the checkout it’s a one page checkout. Basically you don’t want to have any barriers between your customers who are purchasing your products so the one page checkout is a lot more user friendly than some of the other carts that I’ve seen with multiple pages to a checkout. Best of all Woo Commerce was actually created by a team of user interface guys versus some of the other carts like Zen cart for example is created by programmers so sometimes some of that space ends up updating your products or changing something that otherwise would be pretty straightforward. With Woo Commerce everything is streamlined and also since it integrates with WordPress you don’t have to learn two separate software and you don’t have to deal with two separate logins for one for your website and the content master system for that and also one for your e-commerce. With Woo Commerce everything is seamlessly integrated together which is really nice.

One piece that I really like about Woo Commerce is from a development point of view it’s a lot easier to develop on and a lot less work. So what does that mean to you as the business owner well because the amount work compared to for example Magento you’re looking at double if not more amount of work to get a fully featured and fully working e-commerce platform versus Woo commerce. So essentially you’re paying a lot less with Woo Commerce to have a fully working e-commerce website. And also because the development process requires less hours to develop your initial website will build a lot faster as well as any kind of upgrades that you’ll need in the future that tends to be a lot quicker and of course on time.

One of the other things I really like about Woo commerce is that it’s very lightweight compared to some of the other platforms again like Magento for example. So on the same web hosting account your e-commerce website built with Woo Commerce is going to load a lot faster than Magento. And for your customers you basically want as little loop hoops to jump through as possible. You don’t want your customers to have to wait around for pages to load and potentially leave your website. So that’s another benefitting factor of Woo Commerce.

Now on to the fun stuff. With Woo Commerce out of the box!

  • You can have simple products meaning like a hat or a guitar.
  • You can have configurable or variable products meaning like a shirt dresses where you may have different sizes different styles variations different colors.
  • You can have virtual products for example like a service or maybe a gift certificate that you’re selling.
  • Downloadable products for example like an e-book or mp3 songs.
  • You can even have external links as products so for example if you are using Amazon Associates or eBay you can actually afford them to your field link.

And all this is out of the box with the Woo Commerce.

It also comes with advanced reporting, inventory management comes with coupons discounts basically everything that you would expect from a powerful full-fledged ecommerce software.

Now that’s just the out-of-the-box stuff, they also have just a ton of premium extensions and these extensions are basically plugins for Woo Commerce. One of the things about Woo Commerce is the way they make money is actually off the extensions the average extension I would say cost $79. Within their marketplace you can have support for anything you know FedEx UPS DHL any kind of this uh you know the shipping logistics. Any kind of payment gateway logistics Stratcom authorize.net you can even have more of support for shipping custom shipping logistics for example ship wire. You can also integrate QuickBooks directly. In Woo Commerce you can integrate it with a MailChimp and Constant Contact so you can automatically sync up your customer database with the mailing list which is very powerful and very convenient for our clients. You can even synchronize the inventory between Amazon eBay and so forth. You can have deals of the day products of the day related products and I mean there’s just a whole host of premium extensions and things that you can do as far as e-commerce logistics for your website.

A very common question about Woo Commerce is Woo Commerce scalable or can I scale my business using Woo Commerce? Absolutely as a matter of fact we actually have clients that have thousands of products on their cards and also processing over half a million dollars in revenue a year are using Woo Commerce.

The last common question that we get is Woo commerce secure and my answer for that is it’s no more or less secure than many of the other major e-commerce software’s out there as long as SSL certificate is installed which basically encrypts your customer information and also your customers billing information. Make sure you have secure passwords for all the logins and you’re not sharing those and make sure that the software is up-to-date with all the latest security patches and updates. If all these things are done then you should be fine.

Woo Commerce is a fantastic ecommerce software and in my professional opinion I would say for 90% or if not more of business owners this is probably the right cart for you and right now at the time of this video I would say from all the carts that I’ve used hands down this is the best one right now.




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