10 Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing – NO INVESTMENT NEEDED!

10 Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing – NO INVESTMENT NEEDED!

Quite frequently I come across people asking me about best traffic sources for affiliate marketing. And some friends ask about best paid traffic sources. And I always direct them towards social media platforms for both purposes. So we shall discuss Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in this post.

I noticed that there are some guys on YouTube who really bash free traffic sources. They actually say things like, if you don’t know how to run ads on Google AdWords or Facebook ads, if you don’t have a paid advertising strategy then get a real life job and make money there. And as a sidewalk start your online business which is complete bullshit.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone in the online marketing industry who just started out with paid advertising methods. I’ve never actually met someone who did this. All the people I met who make six figures or even millions of dollars they started with free traffic. Some started with a sort of like SEO or any other kind of stuff. One argument these guys bring is that free traffic sources take a lot of time to get your traffic which is true for SEO. It takes a while to rank specific sites, it could take up to a few months to rank sites but these are not the only free traffic sources that are out there.

There’s way more and I’m going to tell you in this post right here about Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing.

My 10 Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Youtube SEO
  2. Twitter Search
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook group posting
  5. Reddit
  6. Forum Replies
  7. Pinterest Infographics
  8. bitify PDF sharing
  9. Tumbler
  10. Tinder

These are best free as well as paid traffic sources of 2017 and may remain best website traffic sources of 2018 as well.

The truth is if you’re just out there and getting started and you try to start with paid advertising methods and stuff you’re just going to waste a lot of money. Because you don’t have any real feeling yet of your traffic, like how it comes in? And how it interacts with your site? And what really conversion is?
When you want to get from like zero to let’s say 10,000 a month or something like this you can do this 100% for free with free advertising methods. And then If you want to scale it up, you want to go to the millions then you need paid advertising strategy and do remember some of these sources are also best paid traffic sources as well. If you want to go that route then Facebook ads may be your first choice, you can also try Reddit ads or twitter ads depending on your niche and your strategy.

Basic Rules to Bring Traffic from these Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources

Do you want free traffic to your website? Then you should remember these general principles

  • Free traffic is not actually free, It costs you lot of time, but if your methods are good your efforts worth your time.
  • Your main focus will be on providing value rather selling something.
  • The best marketing is when you are not marketing at all, that’s what builds your reputation in your niche, and more reputation gets you more traffic.
  • Do your homework carefully when selecting your niche.
  •  Study about your niche and find out solutions to the common problems related to the audience in your niche.
  • Try to build your social media profiles.
  • Select two or three social media platform at a time.

                                                                                                                                                                                            1. YouTube SEO

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Youtube Seo is definitely at the top current when we talk about best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing because videos have proven to engage more people than anything else and youtube is at the top among highest traffic websites regarding videos.How to get free traffic from youtube seo (top 10 free website traffic sources)

  • Start a youtube channel relevant to your website.
  • Search for keywords that are interesting for your audience, and filter out some low competition keywords.
  • Make an interesting video yourself or hire someone on Fiverr to do that for you.
  • Give an interesting title that also includes one or more of your keywords.
  • Write a brief description of your video mainly summarizing your video and do give your website’s link at the beginning and end of your descriptions.
  • Then use some keywords as tags for your video which are related to your video.
  • Last part is promoting your video on social media platforms and try to build some backlinks to your video from authority websites which allow guest posting.


2. TwitterHow to get free traffic from twitter (top 10 free website traffic sources)

Twitter search and problem resolution method is my favorite among best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. And the method is very simple.

  • Go to the search field of your Twitter app on your smartphone or desktop.
  • try to simulate writing a search query which your audience could have typed in to know for a solution. It can be a single keyword as well.
  • type in -http at the end of your query, so that twitter excluded those results where marketers have shared there website links to queries related to your query.
  • Now click on latest and you have hundreds of users related to your website.
  • Then you need to interact with them and follow them so they may follow you back and in this way, you can build a real following of users who are related to your website.
  • Just make sure that you try to be solving their queries and in the process where ever you feel you can just put on your website link.
  • Also include your website link to your profile bio as well.

3. Facebook Groups

how to get free traffic from facebook goups (top 10 free website traffic sources)

When we talk about best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing then facebook groups are real gold mines for marketers on a budget. If you master this method then you can get 100s of visitors daily to your website who are also interested in what you are offering.

  • There are hundreds or thousands of Facebook groups available depending on your niche.
  • Try to join these groups daily at 25 minimum in a day.
  • Closed groups probably are difficult to join but more responsive than open groups, join both types of groups.
  • Now search for people looking to solve their problems and interact with them in a helping way.
  • Whenever you solve a problem invite that user to like your Facebook page, fan page and connect through facebook messenger. Once you make an audience with this method then you can share any content of yours with them through facebook messenger or your fan page.

4. Instagramhow to get free traffic from instagram (top 10 free website traffic sources)

Another one is probably Instagram so Instagram is kind of like the same method same thing as Twitter. Just Instagram is way harder right now. So the chances that you make money using Instagram are way higher.

  • you can go out there and make a right profile with your website link in there.
  • Then go to in your niche as described in twitter method and follow targeted people.
  • engage with them.
  • Let’s say you follow 300 people a day 10% follow back or check out your profile, check out your link in your bio and stuff, you already have 100 people a day who check out your stuff.
  • So no money paid, no paid advertising.

5. Reddithow to get free traffic from reddit (top 10 free website traffic sources)

  • Another method is Reddit though you need to have an older account that has some karma with it like some experience some ratings.
  • But don’t worry just jump on to fiverr.com and get an account like this for five bucks.
  • Or you actually just hire the guy who has the account to post for you in related subreddit.
  • You just post there and then you buy some upvotes and build up your post.
  • Now you have loads of Reddit traffic without paid advertising.

6. Forum Postinghow to get free traffic with forum posting (top 10 free website traffic sources)

Next one is forums in whatever niche you’re in there’s always a forum around it. If you’re in the fitness niche there are fitness forums if you’re a photographer there are many photography forums.

  • So depending on the niche you just want to make an account there.
  • provide as much value as possible.
  • In most forums, they have a signature space where you can put your own links in the signatures.
  • You post ten or twenty posts on one forum.
  • you answer a question in a great way. Or you can actually hire a VA.

7. Pinteresthow to get free traffic from pinterest (top 10 free website traffic sources)

Pinterest is another rich media platform among top traffic websites where infographics are considered king.

  • develop some infographics related to your website content.
  • then you need to pin them on your boards.
  • You can use hashtags for people searching for topics related to your article to give an extra boost to your pins.
  • Follow different pinners in your niche with the good number of followers and then follow their followers as well to get some follow backs to you.
  • In this way you can build your followers and whenever you pin something from your site they get to watch your pins in their feed.

Isn’t that easy method to get free traffic to your website or blog or for that matter any online offer you may have for others.

8. Bitify Sharing PDF

how to get free traffic by sharing pdf books on bitify (top 10 free website traffic sources)

This is also a very easy method to get free traffic to your website.

  • You can convert your posts into pdf files and have your links inside those pdf pages.
  • You can also look out for PLR pdf books available for free or paid and then edit them slightly with your own links to your website
  • . After that, you need to share these pdf files in various places on the internet like social media and pdf sharing websites etc.
  • You can even earn some extra money in the form of bitcoins by selling these books on bitify, and the way bitcoin’s price is sworn these days you can get the dual benefit of increasing your traffic as well as making an extra income in the process.

9. Tumblerhow to get free traffic from tumblr (top 10 free website traffic sources)

Tumbler is another great platform for getting free traffic to your website, as it allows you to create mini blogs that can be refollowed by different people, all you need to do is follow some good blogs with the good number of followers and refollow them on your tumbler blog. The remaining method will remain the same as described in earlier SM traffic methods.

10. Tinderhow to get free traffic from tinder (top 10 free website traffic sources)

Tinder is a site where people swipe left and right to see different people in their surroundings.

  • Your offer should be related to beauty, dating etc.
  • You can write link text of your offer on your profile photo with eye-catching headlines.
  • So when other people see your profile photos they can see the link to your post.
  • If your headline is attractive enough then it will compel these people to visit that link.
  • This concludes our list of best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

I have given a general overview of best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing in this short blog post. You can search for in-depth instruction on any one of these best website traffic sources on youtube and google.

The best policy is to put the maximum value on these platforms so their users are attracted to you. Be careful when to pitch your offer. Do act like spammers.

And if you are able to generate good traffic to your website then don’t forget to see my blog post on how to monetize your website with google ad sense.

Let me know your favorite platform in the comments section below for traffic generation.

Thank you for reading and hope I have given some value to your desire for knowledge.





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