Shopify Review – 10 Things To Know About Shopify

Shopify Review – 10 Things To Know About Shopify

how’s it going internet friends in this Shopify review we’re going to go over 10 things to know about Shopify

  1. Now the first thing that you should know about Shopify is what is Shopify? For now, the platform is ideal for you if you want to create your own online shop or if you’re the owner of a physical store but you want to grow your business through the internet. Now Shopify caters to a broad range of industries like art in photography clothing in fashion jewelry and accessories electronics food and drinks home and garden furniture health and beauty sports and recreation toys and games and much more. Basically, any sort of physical product that you can sell online Shopify can help you make this an easier process for you.
  2. Now the second thing that you should know about Shopify is its ease of use. Shopify gives you the tools to insert product images descriptions and details. It also gives you inventory management software. It also helps you with product organization then it gives you a discount code system. It helps you create web pages blogs and cart pages. Shopify also gives you really in-depth analytics and customer management. And it also accepts multiple currencies and different payment processors. Actually right now they accept over 70. It also helps you set up customer accounts so that they can edit the details while getting private access to products that are sold to them. And you could also sort your customers by geolocation age gender product sales so that it helps you sell to your audience better. And last but not least it also helps you manage multiple staff logins so if you have employees helping you, you can grant them different permission levels to help you manage your online shop to function overall. So Shopify pretty much does most of the heavy lifting for you which makes your business more efficient and more effective to do.
  3. The third thing that you should know about Shopify is that they offer over a hundred plus free and paid themes for your shop. This is going to be the main framework where your business is going to look like from the outside of the home, and having these professional themes can make your store build trust and credibility.
  4. The fourth thing that you should know about Shopify is that it does have abandoned cart recovery. Now according to the Beamer Institute, about 68% of potential customers actually place products into the checkout cart then abandon the page and leave. That’s pretty crazy considering that two-thirds of the traffic that nearly pulls the trigger leaves your shop without completing the purchase. there are so many distractions online like personal emails your Facebook Timeline tinder farmers only your cake like that but you get the idea most people leave the checkout page. This is a big factor that you can adjust for your business because if you don’t you’ll be losing a lot of potential profits. Luckily Shopify knows this and they’ve incorporated this within their system. So if you pick the Shopify or the advanced Shopify plans you can use the abandoned cart recovery system.
  5. The fifth thing that you should know about Shopify is its apps. Now, these apps are built-in and they also have an app store or professional developers make these apps to make your store more productive. Some of these apps can include chat functionality where you can use virtual assistants to talk with your customers and potential customers as a support system. Also, you could have product fulfillment you could use third-party companies to fulfill your products for them to make the product and ship it for you. And there’s also product ratings where you can use these apps to get customers to rate the product after their initial purchase so that it can build transparency and voicing other people’s opinions about your product. There’s also bookkeeping. Now on the accounting side of your business, integrating your sales stats to these apps can easily track your sales and upkeep so that it’s a lot easier for the accounting side of your business. And with that in mind with the app system you can pick and choose which app you want so if you don’t need the app you don’t have to use it you have full control over them. These apps are there to streamline your business and saving you time and headaches allowing you to really focus on what matters.
  6. The sixth awesome thing about Shopify is its mobile e-commerce. All the themes that Shopify has, are mobile-friendly so you can make a sale for people on their phone and also they have their own mobile app for storefront. So you can manage your entire shop while on the go. This is crucial because sometimes we’re not always at home or at the office so you can actually control your entire ecommerce store anywhere at any time even in the toilet.
  7. The next important thing about Shopify is its support system. Shopify has one of the best support systems in the industry. You could reach them 24/7 through the phone, online live chat or by email and if you feel creepy like that you could do all three things at the same time. Now when you’re running a business the last thing you want to do is troubleshoot technology yourself and this is why they have a 24/7 support team.
  8. The eighth important thing about Shopify is its tutorials and resources. Now Shopify also gives you a very comprehensive knowledge base and manual, so that you can find a lot of answers there. They also include screenshots so you can see exactly how to solve the issue that you are experiencing and of course if that doesn’t work you can always call live chat or email their dedicated support team for further help.
  9. The nine thing that you should look at with Shopify is its hosting security. Now as part of your monthly plan Shopify will fully host your brand online for you and gives you a limited amount of bandwidth. So in theory if you have a million visitors coming into your store a month you won’t get charged up any more with your monthly plan. Now the awesome thing is that they even manage the entire hosting process for you, so you can focus on the other parts of your business such as marketing, making products or enjoying walks on the beach. And security-wise they offer some pretty top-notch security it is included to ensure that your customer data is secure. With Shopify your online shop will be level 1 PCI compliant and the shopping cart also includes its own SSL certificate now. It also uses industry standard 128-bit encryption technology which is actually used by big banks. This will keep your stored information on the platform to be secure. You can also mention this to your visitors so they know that it’s safe to purchase from you.
  10. And last but not least guys for the tenth thing that you should know about Shopify is of course the pricing. All right so if you go to the Shopify’s website and see the pricing table, you will see here with Shopify they have three main packages, they have a basic package a regular package and an advanced package. So pricing wise they’re ranging from twenty nine dollars to seventy nine dollars.    



Overall Shopify is a great system to use if you plan on selling products online. Now Shopify also comes with a risk free trial for you to test for yourself and if you don’t think it’s suitable for you can always cancel. Now as a business owner I could definitely appreciate investing the right amount of financial resources to receive help and convenience. Investing in the right tools to grow your business is not something that you should take lightly. In my own experience investing in tools resulted in saving me a lot of time and money. Because, let’s face it we only have 24 hours in a day and as a business owner you have to juggle between operating your business and your life and investing in tools that can make your life easier so you can focus on the other important aspects of the business.



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