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Online Income Guides is a website for people who want to know how to earn money online. As it is very difficult to get knowledge in this regard because most of the content available for this purpose is created for getting money out of readers pocket instead of giving knowledge. So a newbie has to face lots of distractions before even getting knowledge of basic money making systems on the internet. As you know that YouTube is like a Pacific ocean of knowledge. And this website’s purpose is to collect gems from this ocean and present to you in an ordered way so you easily reach to point B from point A without wasting your time on reading and watching videos which are just distractions. I have tried to create categories and subcategories in a way that you remain focused on one system and become a master of it. Then it will be better to implement what you have learned┬áto start earning online income, but if you are not satisfied with this you can always choose the other system. It’s up to you how you want to learn.

You are free to use this website in any way as you like but to make your journey focused I would like to describe how you can use this site easily.

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There are categories for different online money related systems like e-commerce and affiliate marketing etc. In my view, you should first stick to one category and see all videos related to that category as well as its sub-categories like e-commerce has Shopify and woo commerce. You can then be further specific about subcategory for example if you decide to open a Shopify store for online business then you don’t need to watch videos or read an article related to woo commerce, I hope you get the point and in this way, you can squeeze the time duration needed to learn and implement. Remember it’s always better to master one thing than being the jack of all.

All videos on this site are taken from YouTube as they are shareable. And the articles with these videos are also based upon these videos. So it does not matter much about whether you have watched the video or read the article both are pretty much same. It’s all about your interest whether you like reading the article or watching videos. When watching videos you may get pop-ups to insert your email address to watch the video further, don’t worry you can give us your email with complete trust as we hate spamming you every day with emails. Most of the email sent by me to my subscribers are things that can help you in your online endeavors nothing else. During videos, you will see different products or books listed at the bottom, these are all from Amazon store and if you click the buy button you will straight go to Amazon store, so you can purchase them with confidence.

PS: All the products, videos and making money online systems found on this website belong to their respective owners/vendors and publishers. And I hereby take no responsibility for any financial loss you may take due to them. Remember there is no system in the world which can make you rich overnight, you must learn the system and then implement to get results and results always vary for different people due to different situations.

Wish you best of luck for your business.