What is Ecommerce? in Two Minutes

Here I ll give you two minutes of e-commerce information to bolster your online success. Today we’re going to answer the age-old question what is ecommerce? While ecommerce is a short term for electronic commerce this handles all sorts of things including product research the exchange of business documents over the internet. But for our purposes it really but really boils down to the “buying and selling goods online”  (simplest definition of e commerce) so product research information sharing things of that sort, yes all a part of e-commerce, but ultimately that leads to the ultimate goal of buying and selling online. Of course, that’s really the business owner steps into. The history of e-commerce is short but it’s rather impressive. It actually dates back to the 1970s when they sent the first business document over an electronic wire but really as opposed to our definition it started back in the early 1990s. This is when the world wide web came into surface and also when the US government passed the legislation in 1991 to lead for the passage of credit card information online. Kind of dormant for a while but in 1995 the legendary eBay and Amazon both came into play. And once people came more assimilated to online shopping it boomed to where we are today. Speaking of which as of 2010 the e-commerce industry is in fantastic shape. As a matter of fact between 2009-2010 forecasters project that it’s going to grow by another seven percent. Now that this is about 180 billion dollar industry right now. Why is this? well, of course, there are all sorts of products out there, people becoming more and more comfortable with widespread internet access. So leading into the future by 2014 forced to research projects that we’re going to have another sixty-six percent of growth. This leads to a 255 billion dollar industry. Why is this? Again worldwide acceptance of the internet, more products online, more security more, data control all sorts of things. Whatever it takes, what that means is get into the game now if you have any questions about selling online we’re definitely here to help. From me to you happy selling

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