Shopify vs Woocommerce Pros and Cons Quick Review Comparison

In this article, we’re going to talk about Shopify versus Woo Commerce. We’re going to do a complete review of pros verse cons and at the end of this article, I’ll tell you which one I would recommend which one’s my favorite and the ultimate winner for how you should start your online store your ECommerce store. Let’s get started with some of the pros and we’re going to start with Shopify over here;

Step 1

Pros of Shopify

It’s built for e-commerce 100%.

It has better credit card rates than Woo Commerce does.

Shopify from the ground up is built to sell things online it’s built for e-commerce.

Shopify has much better apps and add-ons geared towards selling things.

Shopify integrates with Pinterest product listing ads and a ton of other things.

Shopify has a much bigger user base than Woo commerce.

Pros for Woo Commerce

it’s free, it’s sort of not really the truth is you have to pay for hosting so you’d have to get like Blue host or something like that.

Good for having a small store.

Good for selling info products.

It’s great for blogging if blogging is going to be a key part of your marketing strategy.

Cons of Shopify

You need a lot of third-party apps.

It doesn’t come with a lot of built-in features.

If you want to use a third-party payment gateway which I don’t recommend you have to pay a fee, that’s a big con.

Woo commerce cons

You need to pay for hosting. Which so it’s not like it’s free out of the box.

Smaller user base.

Not as professional as shoplift.

More likely to get hacked.

It’s also harder a little bit harder to customize.

With me, on this, the winner is Shopify hands-down. If you’re going to sign up for an online store go with Shopify it’s built for e-commerce I mean it’s a hundred percent there unless you’re selling like I said info products. But if you do want to go with Woo Commerce you’re going to need to sign up for Bluehost. Shopify has a free 14-day trial and with Bluehost, you can buy a plan you can cancel at any time so they make you buy two years ahead of time but you can cancel it all your money back. so what I recommend is trying the free trial at Shopify.